origami_dragonSilk Road Track at Dragon Con

The Silk Road Track is a group of panels about the culture and cinema from the Near to Far East (Mediterranean to Japan).

We are dedicated to bringing to this event the culture and cinema of the Silk Road region with integrity and depth.  We will offer as much diversity in programming as we can from the many regions and cultures of that part of the world.  We will strive to include historical & modern, factual & fantastical, as well as how it relates to the convention's other areas of programming and entertainment.

Members of Dragon Con who visit the Silk Road programming will find an eclectic offering of entertainment, with both educational and hands-on panels and events.  Members can participate in classes, workshops, contests and performance shows.  Members can enjoy movies and television shows as well as discuss culture, fashion and literature from the Silk Road.

~ The Silk Road was more than a trade route from the Mediterranean to the far East, it was also a source of cultural exchange.  Across the Afro-Eurasian landmass spice, silk, china, glass, precious stone/metal, textiles and ivory were traded and music, dance, science, cooking, culture and religion were shared.  This extensive set of trading routes was also explored by adventurers and treasure seekers in search of glory.  Our tour of the Silk Road will include martial arts, folklore, sci-fi, fantasy, culture, history, costuming, textile arts, film, dance and music. Travel with us, not in a caravan or on a ship, but through the past, present and future of the Silk Road.